Bali photo video models

Bali Photo, Video & Talent solutions.

Bali photo video models

Bali Photo, Video & Talent solutions.

Our Services


From concept development to simple photographer hire, we cater for all requirements and budgets. We use the latest, professional, equipment and editing techniques to ensure the highest quality of content for your brand.


We work closely with a diverse pool of both freelance and signed models, allowing us to offer the exact aesthetic for your brand. Our full service shoot packages include a choice of Bali’s finest models and creatives for you to choose from.


We want to grow your sales. Our vast expertience in e-commerce allows us to offer a wide range of marketing expertise across strategy, brand and advertising from an award winning International marketeer.

marketing, simple.

why us?

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you're in control

Our content packages include a choice of Bali’s finest models, creatives & locations for you to choose from; you’re involved in every step from model selection to editing guidelines.

Location? bali.

Sun, sea, beaches, jungles and marketing opportunity. We manage the full process in Bali, signing off every step with your marketing team, all we need is your product.

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Trusted by some of the world’s biggest brands to deliver their content & marketing requirements without them ever having to leave the office. Find out why our international clients keep coming back for more.

Client Review

"I am literally SOBBING! THANK YOU to each and every person who has helped bring this to life. I cannot put into words how much I appreciate all of the collaboration and hard work!"

Ashley M. Souza Chief Brand Officer, CRABTREE & EVELYN

"Wow, first of all - THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS! We love the result, the campaign video is truly amazing!"

Hanna Göransson Media & Photography, WORKOUT EMPIRE

"Really amazing stuff, the ads we created for the Kaspersky media team are performing better than 90% of the other ads they have out!"

Rainer Bock Head of Content and Platform, KASPERSKY

    how it works.


    1. ALIGN

    “What sales or marketing objectives are you trying to achieve?” will be the first question we ask you. Our goal is to to make your budget go as far as possible.

    2. PLAN

    We will provide you with different options on how to achieve your objectives, including a choice of models, locations, creatives and concepts.

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    3. CREATE

    Sit back and watch your concept come to life! From weather insurance to location licenses, our careful planning allows us to explore your creative concepts in a relaxed environment with our trusted team.

    4. DELIVER

    Our processes ensure there are no surprises come delivery of your marketing assets. Once you have selected your images, video and song choice we cater for one full review before we finalise your content

    bali model agency

    not just another agency.

    Marketing assets shouldn't cost the earth or take months to deliver.

    About us

    We believe

    The face of advertising is undergoing dramatic changes, largely due to the development of camera technology and the acceptance of social media as the leading media platform. We believe that the results of these changes are leading to a trend toward disposable content that will be the future of advertising and marketing. 

    Our vision

    The ‘backpacker marketing agency’ is now a very real solution for businesses looking to build campaigns and advertise their brand, product and services. The future of effective marketing lies in harnessing the power of this collective while maintaining traditional marketing techniques. 

    Our values

    It is our responsibility to protect artists and the market in which they operate. We support aspiring artists via Our Community events and actively seek unfounded artists to develop. All talent should be given equal opportunity to learn, grow and work towards their goals regardless of their Instagram following.

    WHY US?

    Effective marketing assets that meet your objective and don’t take months to complete.

    We are a network of creatives based in Bali that collaborate across multiple platforms to create high quality content for brands and businesses of all sizes.

    Find out why our international clients keep coming back for more.



    Our deep understanding of all things business and marketing ensures that your content strategy is algined before a camera is even picked up. 

    We use our years of international sales and marketing experience to make sure the creative is aligned to your objective by combining traditional marketing techniques with cutting edge equipment and artists. 


    Award winning

    Having been awarded top 3 UK marketeer in 2018 by industry leaders our founder is heavily involved in the day-to-day running of the agency and knows a thing or two about all things business, brand and media.

    His experience in start-ups, some of the worlds biggest consumer brands and highly regulated pharmaceutical brands means there are few better equipped to shape your strategy and overlook your campaign.
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    Campaigns, not content

    We all appreciate a beautiful picture or video and in an era of instagram filters and fake followers it’s easy to become confused about content marketing.

    Our expertise lies in developing campaigns that deliver the right messaging, on the right platform, to achieve your sales, brand or product targets. We interrupt.
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    Activation & network

    Our clients have access to our rapidly growing network of photographers, models, videographers and influencers.

    This not only provides us with a varied skill set but means our total audience often runs in to the hundred of thousands from all things ‘behind the scenes’ on shoot day through to sharing your content once the shoot is complete.
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    So now you’ve got your amazing photos and video, what will you do with them?

    Our knowledge of campaign marketing means we understand the fine detail of effective advertising. We advise on how, when and where to implement your new assets to make them most effective.
    bali models and influencers


    We don’t believe in fancy offices or unnecessary cost.

    Effectiveness is at our core and we understand the importance of simple, clear processes that remove any surprises. In an era of rapidly developing camera capability and reduced media costs we deliver highly creative, professional marketing assets that don’t cost the earth or take months to deliver.

    Recent Work

    The results of our work so far

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    Campaign name


    Photo, video and talent solutions.

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